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A/C machine maintenance.
It is recommended that any work done to your RMS is done using suitably qualified personnel.
Please follow this link for “Health & Safety at Work P.U.W.E.R 1998” Provision and use of Workshop Equipment Regulation confers a duty to ensure all workshop equipment provided is maintained and safe to use. 


We carry parts for the majority of leading makes of machine, in particular, Robinair, Bosch, SPX, Valeo and Autoclimate machines. We are one of just a few companies able to support fully many different makes of air con machine, many companies are tied to a particular brand or make of machine, as independent specialists we are able to service and repair a much wider range of machines


We carry consumables such as all PAG, POE and Ester oils and UV dyes for all a/c systems including r1234yf.

We also offer a mobile re-gassing service for the new refrigerant r1234yf for accident repair centres and vehicle workshops.    


The service/calibration of a typical Refrigerant Management Station can be quite a complex task when done correctly, many machines now require codes to access hidden service and calibration menus without these codes it is impossible to service/calibrate a machine correctly, also many machines are now also requiring filter codes to ensure OE filters are used.



A standard service/calibration typically would consist of the following, depending on make/model of the machine being serviced.


  • Internal and external inspection of equipment.

  • Check operation and performance.

  • Check the purity of refrigerant if suspected to be contaminated, purge off excessive air from ISV.

  • Check correct operation and condition of quick couplers and all hoses.   

  • Check the calibration of load cells using M1 class weights (traceable to national standards) Calibration certificate issued on request or automatically for all VAG sites.

  • Check calibration and adjust when possible all pressure gauges. 

  • Replace vacuum pump oil and reset maintenance counter after checking pump performance.

  • Check/adjust compressor performance and oil level. 

  • Replace filter drier and reset maintenance counter in accordance with manufacturers specification.

  • Report defects obtain authorisation for any remedial work should any be required.

  • Please Note. Not all faults may be evident to the untrained eye. If left may cause harm to equipment, vehicle or equipment operators. 


To make a booking or enquiry please use the contact page or give us a call/email, once your request has been received we will contact you to confirm your booking and aim to be with you within 15 working maximum or 3 days maximum for a repair visit. 



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